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Don M. Hunter

Don has a passion for God and His people, and has served in ministry since 1998. He has served as a Deacon, Youth Pastor, Pastoral Assistant and Associate Pastor in churches in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Plano, Texas. Licensed and ordained in the Baptist denomination, he holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of the District of Columbia, a Master of Divinity from Howard University School of Divinity, and earned a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from the Overton Graduate School of Business at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. The focus of his doctoral research centered on helping small churches understand the impact of leadership development and leadership succession. He is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration in order to leverage his experience in nonprofits to aid communities.  He and his wife Denise have three sons Dominick, David and Daniel.


Don and Denise Hunter

Don and Denise married in 2002. They have served together in ministry for years. Denise leads in Women's Ministry and directs social media content for the church. Additionally, together they are inspired to share their faith and to help others grow spiritually and personally. They enjoy spending time together, vacationing, good food, good laughs and bringing a smile to one another.

The Hunter Family

Don and Denise have three sons, Dominick (not pictured), David (right) and Daniel (left). They also have a very rambunctious cat named "Kit Kat". They love vacationing together, cracking jokes on each other and enjoying good food.

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